What makes a good 140Plus page?

Creating a Tweet-worthy page means you essentially have to give something to your readers, whether this is new information, a good old fashioned laugh, or a talking point. Here are a few hints on creating a 140Plus page that’s worth Tweeting.

Give it a Good Title

The title is the first thing your regular readers will see and it's what gets tweeted, so it's what people will see in their Twitter stream. If your article is a witty one, make your title witty. If it’s going to tell your readers something new, make sure they know through the title that by reading it they’ll get some information. Include a word or two that gives a clear indication of what it’s all about. Take this page's title, for example. The page is about writing pages that people will want to share on Twitter. The title gives an indication of this. However, an overly long title can be off-putting. Keep it snappy.

When Writing about the News, Have Something Special to Say

Many of us publish on the news or current events. That in itself is fine, providing you add a new dimension to it. If you just publish a link to another news article on some other site and say “Here, read this,” why would your readers then link to your site? Why would they not just link directly to the original site from which you sourced the story? You need to add a new spin to material like this. Add your own opinion or commentary. Make it more valuable to the reader. There should be something they can gain or find out from your site, whether it’s an opinion or analysis, that they could not gain just from reading the original story.

Unique Content

Whether you’re discussing a news article that’s doing the rounds on millions of sites or you’re writing your own piece completely from your own head, your content should be unique. Having word-for-word copies of something else online will do you no SEO favors and will do your readers no favors. It comes back down to the big, “Why would I share this?” question. Why, if ten sites are showing exactly the same piece, would people share yours? Keeping it unique means that your page is the only place your regular readers can send new readers to to access that very article.

Be Human

Let your personality shine through in your pages. More personable pages are generally more reader friendly, and it’s the more reader friendly of your pages that will receive the most benefit from people passing on your link through Twitter. Being human in your pages lets your readers feel as though they know you to an extent. If they know you and like you, they are more likely to want to share your content with their own contacts. While business pages obviously require a level of professionalism, you can easily maintain this without being almost sterile about your pages.

Read Before You Publish

Once you’ve completed an article, read it. And then reread it. Ask yourself, ‘what do my readers gain by reading this?’ Do you give them hints? Do you make them laugh? Do you cause them to stop and think? If you can’t identify anything your readers gain, consider rewriting before publishing. There has to be a reason for someone to Tweet your page.

As I’ve mentioned already, Twitter is a phenomenal way in which you can reach out and attract new readers. While your own Twitter account is good means of publicizing your pages, you ideally want your readers to feel compelled to share it too, thus extending your network of readers. Taking a bit of time to perfect your pages can grant massive reward in this way.

* The preceding is a guest post by Stacey Cavanagh, an online marketer with Tecmark SEO Manchester.