New Photo Journal Template

Here's a demo we put together showing use of the latest template.

There's not much there yet, but you should get the idea. It's cooler with a lot of photos, so we will be adding more. To use this template, simply create a Twitter ID that you want to use with it, login to using that Twitter ID and select the FacePress theme (under Settings on the dashboard). Then, post as usual, just be sure to select/upload an image for every post. This theme is designed for posts with images/photos. It should not crash if there is a post without an image, but it isn't what this theme is intended for. Detailed instructions for using the template are given below, with some screenshots.

Feel free to comment on or "like" any of the posts in the demo above and let us know if you see any bugs in those features or any other features of the template.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: create or select a Twitter ID (username/account) that you want to use as your Photo Journal account. This can either be your usual Twitter account or a separate Twitter account /ID that you use specifically for your Photo Journal. It only takes a few seconds to create a new Twitter ID. Whatever Twitter username you choose, that will become your own personal address too. Sign-in at to claim your address.


Step 2: Sign-in at and click the 'dashboard' link to get to your dashboard. Click 'Settings' to get to the settings for your site and choose the 'FacePress' template.

choosing the FacePress theme


Step 3: Click 'start a new page' on the home page (or click 'Write' from the dashboard) to start a new page. Create a new post as usual, with a title and whatever descriptive text you wish, and optionally a Category too (which will be the hashtag for the Twitter update). Be sure to include a Photo under 'Add Photo':

add a new photo using the Write screen


That's all there is to it!  Your photos will automatically be arranged into a nice photo journal layout, and grouped by Category (hashtag). Photo Journal Demo Screenshot