How To Blog

If you search the web for "how to blog" you will find many articles and tutorials. A large number of these have 15 to 20 steps, if not even more, including topics like setting up frameworks, server configurations, SQL database setup, and other complicated technical details. Sure, there may be times when you really need to get down into the dirty details but in many cases a simpler solution is needed. That's where 140plus comes in.

There are just three simple steps to get up and running with 140plus:

Step 1: Signup

You need a Twitter account to get started with 140plus. Your site address will be You can use an existing account or setup a new one specifically for your 140plus site.

Step 2: Configure

Set your Site Title and choose a Theme. You may also want to assign some keywords to help search engines index your site and add a few links to other sites/blogs if you wish. That's it.  Click Save to save your settings and you're done. Easy peasy. You can also change any of these later at any time.

Step 3: Publish

As a minimum, each posting needs a title. It must also include body copy (the main article) or a photo, or both. You can also provide a hashtag to use to categorize your posts. When you hit Publish, your post is published to your 140plus site and to Twitter (just like this one).


  • Free – 140plus is free (all your postings and images are hosted by 140plus free).
  • Incredibly easy to set up - Sign up and be writing your first post within minutes. The set up is a matter of naming your site and selecting a template. You can even skip these steps and defaults will be filled in automatically. Ideal when you don't need or want to get deep into the technological side of blogging.
  • Simple to Run – Once you’re through the easy set up process there is really nothing else to do. 140plus does all the work running the site for you. Posting is as simple as filling in a few fields and hitting publish.
  • Updated Automatically140plus automatically handles all platform updates for you. Instead of having to upload new software onto a server, these updates and new features occur seamlessly.
  • Indexed in Search Engines Quickly – one of the advantages of adding your blog to the 140plus family is that it will be among sites that have good page ranks already. While your blog won’t be indexed in search engines when you start, most 140plus bloggers notice that their blogs get picked up and ranked pretty quickly.
  • 140plus does all the hard work for you – None of the complexity normally associated with most blogging platforms. No awkward commands to try and remember, no updates or patches to apply, no server management, no fiddling with RSS feed settings, no installing and configuring countless widgets. 140plus does this all for you, leaving you to concentrate on the most important part: the writing.

That's it! You've got a blog. Go check it out: