IMPORTANT: 140plus /answers is now ZinQ!

We're very excited to launch the new ZinQ service at

ZinQ is the new Question and Answer system for Twitter.

Drop Your Knowledge On Twitter!

ZinQ helps you search for people to engage with and topics that interest you, to increase your influence by helping key people, one at a time.

You can focus on your business, career, hobby, or any interest to establish and grow your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

Check out ZinQ Now.

New default theme

The default theme is now a clean and simple HTML5 CSS3 layout.

All 140plus sites that didn't specify a theme have been automatically switched to use this new theme. If you prefer the older Kubrick-based theme, you can go back to it by explicitly selecting the kubrick theme in your 140plus settings.

New focus for, dropping the "Tweet Press" name, now simply "140Plus"

We've dropped the "Tweet Press" name and will simply be calling the service "140Plus" prospectively. 

We're also focusing on the core aspect of the service:

Astonishingly simple publishing of rich content to the new real-time social web

  • No hassle
    No set-up or complex configurations to get wrong.
  • No sign-up
    There is no need to sign up, simply sign in using your Twitter account.
  • Search-engine-friendly
    Automatic SEO-optimized pages get top Google rankings.
  • Real-time
    Instant Twitter notifications when someone comments on one of your pages or answers one of your questions (or a question you're following).
  • Rich content
    bold, italic, links, tables, lists, etc. - all available in WSIWYG interface.

What do I use it for? All the stuff you can't fit on Twitter but that also doesn't make sense on your blog or other site. Promotions, events, landing pages, more-info pages, deep questions, notifications, announcements, thought-provoking insights... and all sorts of things we haven't thought of yet.

See for more info.

Introducing 140Plus, the zero-option social blogging service

Update June 2011

140Plus makes it astonishingly easy to publish content to the new real-time social web.

In just a few clicks, with no setup or configuration required, you can publish
your own attractive web page or a crowdsourced question page.

To create a page, you simply enter the title and body, both of which can exceed 140 characters. Then hit the Publish button. Done. There is nothing else that you need to learn.

140Plus automatically publishes the page to the web, to Twitter, and to Google. Each page has a unique short-link, such as as well as a fully SEO-optimized "permalink", such as:

  • Choose from our selection of attractive themes.
  • Pages can contain rich formatting, including bold, italic, links, tables, lists, etc. - all available in WSIWYG interface
  • Easily upload an image to be included in the page.
  • Pages can optionally be grouped by hashtag, where the hashtag becomes the "category" for the page.
  • Full comment threads.
  • Easy and automated Twitter Integration without plugin configuration hassles:
    • Optionally, receive instant notifications via Twitter when someone comments on one of your pages.
    • Requires sign-in with Twitter ID for comments - no opportunity for anonymous spam! Track comments by Twitter ID.
    • Pages are automatically tweeted to all your followers.
    • Retweet buttons and "share on twitter" options to help your pages go viral!
  • People can subscribe to an RSS feed of your 140Plus pages.
  • Google Blog Search is automatically notified by 140Plus of updates to your 140Plus site.
  • Pages get Search-engine-friendly permalink URLs (a "slug" - important for search engine optimization)
  • Free integrated statistics and analytics - see which pages get the most traffic, what keywords people use to find your site, etc.
  • Mobile browsers are automatically detected, providing a mobile-friendly experience for iPhone or iPod Touch.

140Plus /answers

Use 140Plus /answers to get answers to your questions from the real-time web and Twitter community and to provide useful and timely answers to questions to enhance your own online reputation.